Freeview Installation

Auckland Freeview Installation – Freeview box, TV aerial set up and support

  • One-time fee for Freeview supply and installation
  • Qualified advice from experienced technicians
  • 3-year product and workmanship warranty
Visual Dynamics services all of Auckland including city suburbs Ponsonby and Mt Eden over to Waitakere and Henderson in the west and north to Albany and the North Shore.

Do you live in Auckland? One-off fee for Freeview box supply and installation

Freeview gives you access to more channels and features LIVE TV, ON DEMAND and RECORD options. If you are based in Auckland, Visual Dynamics offers a competitive one-off fee for Freeview box supply and installation. Depending on your requirements, our technicians will:
  • Supply you with a Freeview box
  • Install a UHF aerial or connect it to your satellite dish
  • Set Freeview up and ensure your signal is crystal-clear
  • Tune and check everything is running optimally
  • Show you how to use your Freeview box
The experienced Auckland-based technicians from Visual Dynamics stand behind their expertise and offer a solid 10-year warranty on all workmanship undertaken. Simply get in touch to receive your free estimate today.

Whether to use a UHF aerial or satellite dish for Freeview

Regarding Freeview, many customers are confused whether to opt for a dedicated rooftop aerial or a satellite dish. If you can get UHF coverage, you will need a rooftop UHF aerial; a splitter; and a Freeview TV, box or recorder for UHF for each room you would like to access Freeview inside your home. If you cannot access UHF coverage, your only option is to use a satellite dish. You need a satellite dish so you can pick up the signal and a splitter to split the signal cable into the various rooms or TVs. For each room you require Freeview in – you will need either a dual tuner TV, or a Freeview box or Freeview recorder for satellite connected to a standard TV. It is possible to run Freeview through your existing SKY satellite dish. However, a dedicated UHF digital antenna installed on your roof will give you better reception, sharper image and sound quality, and access to a wider range of channels.

Our Freeview installers answer your FAQs

  • I have more than one TV in my house. Can I access Freeview on all of them?Yes, you can access Freeview (or FreeviewPlus) on every TV in your home. All you need to do is connect a splitter to your main antenna cable so that you can run multiple signal cables from a single UHF aerial or a single satellite dish. Remember that all TVs and setup boxes connected to that one antenna must be compatible with that antenna.
  • Is it possible to have both Freeview and SKY?Yes. By installing a splitter, that effectively splits the signal coming from your antenna, you can run multiple TVs or Freeview receivers from the same UHF aerial – or the same satellite dish. You can also have a satellite dish sending a satellite signal to your Sky decoder as well as a separate UHF aerial sending HD TV signal to your TVs, Freeview boxes or recorder for UHF.
  • How many Freeview channels can I access?Where you live and which TV antenna you use determines how many, and which, Freeview channels you can watch. For channels that are only broadcast via UHF, you need UHF coverage and a dedicated UHF aerial.
  • What functions does Freeview Record have?Freeview Record has three handy functions. You can pause and rewind TV. Using Series Link, you can record all episodes. And you can also record two programmes simultaneously.
  • Do you provide other TV technician services?Yes. Besides Freeview aerial services and setting up digital Freeview boxes (or enabling Freeview on your TV), our team also provides custom TV services across Auckland. These include new TV aerial installation, TV wall mounting, and SKY TV distribution.
How can our experienced technicians help? To receive your free estimate for any of our services, please contact us today.